La Lune Bleue is an outdoor circus company born in 2021 and composed of 3 circus artists, Laila Umeko, Mia Mattenklott and Elise Martin. Aerial and floor based acrobatics are our primary languages of expression; used in combination with danse, theater and live music. With this project we wish to make art and culture accessible to all. We would like to encourage people of the streets to reflect on the world, to question themselves, and to dream. A 2021 summer tour of our first creation Ere de Rien took us – alongside two musicians – across French and German parts of Switzerland, past a secondary school and all the way to Festival ZirQus in Zurich.

We are currently deep in the creation process of our second show Jusque – Là, which speaks of joy, of childhood dreams and of our desire to never truly grow up : arevolt weaponised by creativity, freedom, play and laughter!