Many of Soif Totale’s members also work with other projects + creations:


La Lune Bleue is an outdoor circus company born in 2021 and composed of 3 circus artists, Laila Umeko, Mia Mattenklott and Elise Martin. Aerial and floor based acrobatics are our primary languages of expression; used in combination with danse, theater and live music. With this project we wish to make art and culture accessible […]



Ruben Olave Fontalava the Chilean and Hugo Pernel the frenchman, met at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in Brussels where they graduated from the class of 2021. Both are jugglers, their universe oscillates between poetry, dreaminess, burlesque and absurd. The goal: to tell stories of daily life, inspired by human situations common to […]



Let me tell you the tale of 3 acrobats that meet randomly for auditions. At the beginning, they were rivals but soon, they understand that their biggest asset will be to work together! Mixing acrobatics, nonsense and music, this incredible atmosphere makes those 3 friends ready to do anything to create and present their projects […]