Street Show
Duration: 45min
Artists on stage: 11
Created by SOIF TOTALE

Why keep it simple when fun can be had instead? A question we should all ask ourselves! There is always a roundabout way to be found of turning mundane tasks and tedious chores into something much more exciting!

Prologue allows us to share with you our everyday ways of
functioning. A light and spontaneous vision of circus which is intended to make you thirsty!

Will you come to drink?

When the members of Soif Totale find themselves on stage will they really choose the most conventional way to prepare their equipment or warm themselves up? Of course not! Instead, they’ll lose themselves between jokes, acrobatics, movement, juggling and many other childish activities, all the while keeping their final goal in mind: that of being ready!

Production Soif Totale | Original soundtracks Nacho Aparicio | Costumes Sofía Enriquez Martinez, Beatriz Duarte | Administration + production Zoé Gravez, Beatriz Duarte | Booking Camille Aupy (AbJoy – Circus & Street Art)| With the support of UP – Circus & Performing Arts

Performed by Nacho Aparicio, Carlos Barquero, Julian Blum, Sofía Enriquez Martinez, Elise Martin, Mia Mattenklott, Ana Julia Moro, Ruben Olave, Hugo Pernel, Alix Schils, Laila Umeko